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Birth Index information is available from the years of 1911-1997. Spellings can vary on the indx and we can only check for the way you provide us the information/spelling the names for a look up

The information on the birth index is:  first name, middle initial, last name of child - Date of Birth - County of birth - and mother's first name and maiden name as reported. There are  (There are cases where the mother did not use the exact same first and last name and spellings can vary.

Death, Marriage and Divorce records search is available on line; however we are also offering this information because sometimes you can not run the query that you want and the results are limited to 25 hits.

Death Records are also kept from 1911 - thru present.  A copy of the certificate from 1911 thru 1949 can be obtained from the Department of Archives for just about $3.00 per copy.   All other certificates have to be purchased thru the state Vital Statistics for $10.00

Marriage Records search  from 1973 thru 1997 - (some may be missing in 1983 and 1984)  These certificates can be purchased thru the state for a cost of $7.00  They are available from the state from 1958 to present; and before that are in the county where the marriage application was made

Divorce Records search from1973 thru 1997.  but have been kept by the state from 1958 - prior to are in the Circuit Court of the county where the divorce was granted.  A copy of the divorce certificate can be purchased thru the state for $7.00.

Complete searches are also available and can be quoted on an individual basis.  We will be glad to discuss the details of
the search and provide you a cost.  We work on a no find-no fee basis.

Payment for the majority of  these services can be paid by credit card thru PayPal. 

If payment is made by check or money order - request will be processed when funds are received.

Important:   Mis-spellings can occur from these indexes and also the last names of the brides on the Marriage Records are not always the maiden name.

The Kentucky Office of Vital Statistics cannot by law, provide free information from records, perform a genealogical search or verify whether a certificate is on file without a completed application form and the required fee attached. The Kentucky Vital Statistics office will, upon receiving the application and fee, perform a search of the records and if a certificate is on file, it will be mailed to you. The required fee covers the cost of the record search and no refunds are issued if a certificate is not found. The office does not issue non-certified copies or photocopies of certificates.

Disclaimer:  We can not be responsible for misspellings of names on the index and or for  any use of this information and by submitting an order you agree to the above disclaimer

Other records to follow - please check back often. 

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