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June 6, 2011 Wonderful reunion for Bridget and Theresa. Adoption agency was Chosen Children in Louisville, which closed many years ago. Theresa could not have used the petition because her adoption was thru another state. Theresa is living out of the country, but hope one day they will be able to meet F2F.
April 4, 2011 Tim was reunited with his Birth Mother Karen. Note from Birth Mother: " I just don't how to thank you, this is a dream I had already given up on. I have spoke with Tim 2-3 times and we are finally going to meet one another for the first time tommorrow evening. I still don't know how to act, what to say, but I'm, sure God will walk me through this, I give him alot of credit for allowing this to happen along with you, So let me say, Thank you again from my heart, and God Bless You each and every day. Sincerely, Karen"
February 12, 2011

J.D. was reunited with his birth family. We assisted J.D. with his search/petition as he is stationed over in Germany. Now he is in contact with his birth siblings. Congrats !!

January22, 2011 Reunion for Abby and Colin to be reunited with their birth family. They were adopted thru an agency that placed them in one of the New England States. Their birth sister never gave up on the search and thru the registry they are now reunited.
Nov 12, 2010 Andrew was reunited with his BM Lola, after just registering 2 days thru the registry. Kudos !!
Sept 1, 2010 Dale had been registered with us since 2004 when his birth sister contacted us. Happy Reunion !!!
Janice and Danice July 31, 2010 Janice is reunited with her birth sister Danice who registered with us back in 1992. The adoptee is so glad that they her birth family searched for her.
July 24, 2010 Sandy is reunited with her birth daughter. The birth daughter had registered with us first in 1992. Never give up
April 23,2010 Bob learned he had a brother about two years ago and has now been reunited with Tim. Congrats Guys
April 8, 2010 Reunited thru the Registry - Kerri has finally been reunited with her birth son. - Wonderful News
Feb 12, 2010 Happy Reunion to Lisa and Betty - after 42 years -Reunion was thru the registry.
Christmas Eve - 2009 Ed - so glad we were able to help you be reunited with your sisters - now you have all 10 siblings together again that were lost thru adoption. -
Dorothy and Leah 12/09 Reunited thru the registry after 49 years - What a great Christmas gift.
Susan 11/09 Glad the Registry was able to help you locate the family that adopted your twin brother and also your birth family.
It is wonderful to have your questions answered. Best wishes for your reunion.
3 bros Three Brothers Reunited !!!!!!
July 4th will be a reunion weekend for 3 brothers born in Louisville that did not know about each other. Congrats to Ralph, Kyle, and Billy.
Cheryl Cheryl and her birth daughter  and birth son (one more to find)
Jill Congrats Jill and Anna - on your reunion
Judy Kristina and Judy (after Judy had been registered about 20 years)
April Reunited 12/22/08 with help thru the registry
Laura 12/08 Being reunited with birthdaughter thru the registry


Reunited full brother with 4 full siblings and both birth parents!!!!!! with help thru the registry
Stanya with her brother 12/08
Amy Amy was helping her mother search and thru this site found her mother birth sibling also searching - reunited 3/08
Tara and Becky Congrats - know Becky has been searching for some time - with this reunion Tara will be able to have the medical information she needs to answer the doctors.  -  Best Wishes in your new reunion - the birth mother originally registered with us in 2001 !!!!
Tina and Cheryl Reunited thru the Registry -  Congrats to both of you
Tina will also be reunited with her birthfather and full brother.
Carrie Happy Reunion to Carrie and her birth daughter
carolwithparents Congrats Carol to your recent reunion with both of your birth parents that had been marred for over 30 years.
Enola Reunited with her 2 brothers that she had not seen since they were 5 and 6 - over 50 years ago.     Congrats and the best in your new relationship and glad that your mother got to have connect with them knowing of her declining  health.
TWINS BEING REUNITED AFTER 40 YEARS       (Click here to read article)
Congrats to Mike and Debbie - They will be meeting for the first time
since Debbie was removed from the home about 40 years ago.  Mike never 
gave up his search for his twin sister. 
Thanks Mike for these words of encouragement for others
A Message from a Twin. One can lose a lot of  things in their life, especially love, faith and hope. People lose love over time of despair. They lose their faith in themselves as well as other people. But there is one thing they should never lose, and that is HOPE. I want to Thank Linda Cecil for being there and reassuring me that there is always hope. If it were not for Linda, my reunion may never have happened I honestly know this in my heart. Thank You Linda for being a great friend over the years as well. I encourage each and every one of you searching, to never lose HOPE. It took 40 years to find my twin sister, and just for the record, It was worth every minute, she is everything I had ever hoped she would be and more. Blessings Mike Tejeda 
Article in Owensboro Messenger - recent reunion thru the registry
(Click here to read article)
Congrats to Joyce, Roger and Leslie 
Mimms Reunion Mimms and her birthmother -  Congrats on your reunion and new relationship.   "It was wonderful and it wasn't like meeting someone for the first time, it was like seeing an old friend I had not seen in a long time. This is how comfortable we were. "
Bessie and Barb Bessie and her sister Barbara, - Bessie never gave up on trying to locate and after 4 years and no paper trail - she was able to be reunited.
Chris with mtoher Linda This was taken on 02-22-02 at my birth grandmother's  house in Louisville….The reunion seems to be going much better then anyone could ask for…Everyone is so anxious to get to know me….Your info has already been a profound change on my life….Chris Ansman
Jeanette Family Jeanette - was able to be reunited with her 5 siblings - several were placed in different homes.
Pepper Family The Pepper Children
Sally started out looking for a sister and then found out there were 4 other children placed for adoption 
Dee with Brother Dee, Wanda and their new brother Hank
Reunion for April Hi, my name is April, I recently found my cousins who were adopted out 32 years ago.  I wish I could have found them earlier because two of them have already died and they were in their early thirties.  It is best not to waste time and get help from somebody as soon as you can, cause you never know what might happen in the years between.
Tony and Terri It was the first time Tony and Terri had seen their mother since 1968  The reunion was wonderful and we had a wonderful time catching up on what all went on in their lives. 
Gloria and birth son Hunter Congrats to you both - reunion thru the registry - after Gloria registered she was in touch with her birth son within 24 hrs.  Her birth son had registered with us back in 2002.   
Joy Joy registered with us about 10 years ago in search of her birth family. Walter her brother registered when he became aware he had a sister and now she has her complete family.  Her birth parents married and had several more children. - Congrats to you all in your family being back together. 
Jason C Thanks to Jason's wife Patricia help, we were able to guide her thru the search for her husband's birth family.  -  What a go Patricia
and glad things are doing well in the reunion.
Jenn R Congrats on your recent reunion - the birth family had been registered since 2002. !!!!!!!!
Carol was reunited with both her birth parents - Kudos
Stephanie Congrats to Stephanie and Teresa  mother/daughter on their recent reunion.
Mary Ann Congrats  To Mary Ann  -  Reunited with her Birth Family !!!!!!!!!
Lynn Kudos to Lynn - who found her b/mother in one day !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Amanda Amanda who found her Uncles - 
Another Registry Reunion
Susan Best Wishes on a Great Reunion  - Susan and Sheila
Carrie Carrie and her birth daughter
Carol Congrats to Carol - and her reunion with both her birth parents