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The birth records can be provided in many different ways with prices accordingly, if you don't see the search you are looking for, please email us.

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Item # - B110 
Certificate Number look up -   (this will also confirm a date of birth)   Information needed is Last and first name at birth, name of the mother if you know the birth name and year prior  to 1970-  $9.99 

Item # B120
Search by mother's maiden name - This list will return a list of births by the mother's maiden name  as it is recorded with the state.  $8.99     (please give us range of years to check) 

Item # B130                                 
Date of Birth Search -  people  born on a particular day -$14.99  (this will provide a complete list of children born on a day - the adopted names are on this list - not the birth names)

Item # B140                            
Certificate/year search - If you know the certificate number of the person you are looking for - $69.99 (will give you amended name)

Item # B150
Surname search - by birth name or mother's maiden name - up to 100 name returned $ 29.99  (prices increase with increments of 100 with  $15 per 100 names  increments) - It helps to be able to select a range of years for this search.

Item # B160
First name search - by either the child or mother's name - up to 100 names returned $29.99 (price increase with increments of 100 with $15.00 per additional 100) - it helps to be able to select a range of years for this search

Item # B170   (for adoptees)
Birth name search for the adoptee - If you were born in the state of Kentucky and do not know your birth name - you can go to a lot of the major public libraries across the state and use the birth index books to look up your birth name and your mother's maiden name.    If you are unable to go to the library and want us to provide that information for you the charge is $69.99. (some older years may vary in cost) - born after 1970 please call for prices.   We will need your adoptive name, and date of birth to complete the look-up.  Turn around time usually 7-14 days business days

The information provided on any of the above is:
Name (First, MI, Last) date of birth, County, Mother's maiden name (first, last) and certificate numbers.

Child      DOB           County             Mother      Cert #   
Doe, John A    1/1/40   Jeffern     Jane Smith    05-12345

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B110 - Certificate Number Look Up
B120 - Search by Mother's Maiden Name
B130 - Date of Birth Search
B140 - Certificate/Year Search
B150 - Surname Search
B160 - First Name Search
B170 - Adoptee's Birth Name 1912 thru 1969
for search help after 1970 - contact us.

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Neither - Person was not adopted
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