About Us:

Many years ago  I started my search down the long path to the  unknown.   I was scared, frightened and afraid of rejection.  But I knew that I had to have the answers to make my life complete.

I met my birth family and everything went great. There were very few people to share the experience with that really understood what had happened and could understand the feeling or questions. .

After meeting with my birth family, I decided I would like to view my adoption records.   So off on another journey I went.  After talking to a judge in the small county where the adoption occurred.  I was advised that if I wanted to view my records or see my original birth certificate to get the law changed 

I came back home and started working on trying to put the first support group together in Kentucky and with a little help it was created.  For adoptees and birth parents to come together and share feelings was wonderful. 

Next step was to work on the law.  We drafted the mutual consent bill and tried to get it thru legislation and on the third time it passed in 1985.

In 1997 we were able to get another bill passed for certain  medical information from the birth family to be passed to the adoptee.

The registry is something that I started back in 1980 as the state did not provide one and the adoption groups felt the need to central all the information from the Kentucky groups. It now has over 12,000 entries.

In the course of adoption work in Kentucky with the registry and  personal searches have completed approximately 5,000 reunions. With searches and other types of investigations am licensed in two states as a private investigator.

Putting back families - one reunion at a time.

Thanks to everyone thru the years that has helped in getting these bills passed and for their dedicated  and determined efforts for Kentucky Adoptions


  We can deal with an answer easier than we can deal with the questions.

Good Luck to everyone in your search