An Adoptee over the age of 21 can petition the Ky Circuit Court of where the adoption was finalized for the state to do a search for the birth parent. The cost is not to exceed $250.00 and a waiver of fee can be requested under certain circumstances. Form to Petition is AOC290 - be sure to include proper identification with this form such as birth certificate and driver license.

An Adoptee over the age of 21 can write to the Ky State Dept of Human Services (address below) for background info on the birth family. The state does not charge for this service. Form to order Non Identifying Information

If your adoption was handled by another agency you can contact them for background information also - different charges apply. Click here

If you were born between 1912 to 1969 there are Birth Index Books in a lot of the main Libraries (List of Libaries) you can search thru the book and match up your birth certificate number to the one in the book and obtain your birth name and the name used by the birth mother. Please see search tips for more info.If you are unable to go to the library or do a look up for this, let us know and we can assist you. Order form

BlackBirthBook Black Birth Book
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Pamphlet provided by the State of Ky click here

Message from Surgeon General regarding Health History


After you register please consider to join the Ky Adoption Search Group on Yahoo

YES we conduct searches for adoptees,birthparents, siblings, agencies, etc. for more information contact us.

There are more Ky Agencies listed in our links page

Kentucky State Dept - Community Based Services - Click Here

Form to order non id/background info (PDF Format)

Cabinet for Health and Family Services
Adoption Services
275 E Main St. 3 C-E
Frankfort, KY 40621
Ph: 502-564-2147
Fax: 502-564-5995

Catholic Charities - Louisville, Ky - Click Here

Non Identifying Information - Charge is $75

Catholic Charities
2911 South Fourth Street
Louisville, Ky 40208-1303
Phone: (502)637-9786)
Fax: (502)637-9780

ATTN: Kay and JoAnne or

Catholic Social Services - Northern Ky - Click Here

Catholic Social Services -Northern Kentucky Charge $40 per hr

3639 Church St
Covington, Ky 41015
Phone: 859-581-8974
Fax: 859-581-9595

Contact: Monica Kuhlman or Gayle Jimenez

Kentucky Baptist Home for Children - Sunshine Children's Home - Click Here

Sunrise Children's Services - Charges unknown use to be about $50
300 Hope Street
P.O. Box 1429
Mt. Washington, KY 40047-1429
(800) 456-1386
(502) 538-1000
fax (502) 538-1100

Louisville Baptist Orphan's Home click here

Kentucky Baptist Children's Home, now known as Glen Dale Children's Home. The two ministries operated separately until 1954 when the Kentucky Baptist Convention created the Kentucky Baptist Board of Child Care to oversee their operation. A third campus, Pine Crest Children's Home, opened in Morehead in 1956. It served children until its closure in 1971.

In 1980 and 1981, new cottages were constructed at Glen Dale and Spring Meadows. An emergency shelter was established in Elizabethtown in 1982. A similar facility, the Sunrise Dixon Center opened in Dixon the following year. In 1988, the Sunrise Morehead Center was opened in Morehead. The next year, the shelter in Elizabethtown became the agency's first treatment program and was renamed the Baptist Youth Ranch.

The adoption program that operated through Spring Meadows in the '60s was reopened in 1990 and is now known as Sunrise Pregnancy and Adoption Services. Cornerstone Counseling Sunrise's outpatient Christian counseling service, was begun in 1992 with one office in Bowling Green. There are now 3 Cornerstone offices -- in Berea, Richmond and Owensboro.

Chosen Childen - Agency Closed - Louisville, Ky - Click Here

Chosen Children Adoption Services has closed  in Louisville, Ky 
502-491-6410 (disconnected)  

Something that the agency was doing as sharing information/pictures, etc between the birth family and the adopted parents appears no longer to be happening without notice to either party. 

Their last annual report was filed to the Secretary of State on 4-21-2001. was listed as a non-profit corporation. and are in "bad" standing.

Please email us if you were involved with this agency.


After the close of Chosen Children, the files were turned over to the Mary Kendall Home - November 2002 - in Owensboro, Ky by Ray and Barbara. 

Due to lack of storage space  Mary Kendall Home, in 2005 turned over the files to the state of Kentucky for storage.     Mary Kendall has very little information but does have a card file.

We will post additional information as it become available. 

If you had a connection with this agency, please register and then join the Chosen Children Group on Yahoo

All Prayers Foundlings Home - Louisville, Ky - Click Here

This agency was in Louisville for many of the early years.

The records were turned over by the court to the Ky Baptist Children's Home. (see above)

A lot of children went thru this home in Louisville, Kentucky for many years and records were not kept very well.   When the home was closed by default judgment what records were left were turned over to the Kentucky Baptist Children's Home for "safe keeping"

All Prayers Promise click here

All Prayers default on corporation click here

Mr Cromer's obit click here

There records were not correctly kept and when the old house was empty, several reports of records in boxes and on the floor that were never found.




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